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Two new cool things!


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Hello, everyone! To those who aren't aware: I have fallen down a deep, deep rabbithole of modding my Nintendo systems. I'm assuming y'all know my history with Atari already with my hacked Nintendo (Vader) Wii. I used to emulate those games all the time. Furthermore, some of you might know that I modded my Wii U and added a few emulators to my Wii just last week.

Today, I have two new cool things to talk to you about. Both of them happened yesterday, and while I initially wanted to post about them then, I was just too busy tinkering with them. Let's start with the one I did first:

Ever since I was around eight years old or so, I had wanted a way to play my Atari games on my Nintendo DSi. Well, yesterday that dream became a reality. I used the Memory Pit hack on my DS and got StellaDS to load in Twilight Menu ++. The emulation isn't great; it's a far cry from the Wii even. But I'll take what I can get. The colors are off, the sound can glitch, the screen is shriveled, and I can't seem to flip the difficulty switches, but I'm very happy to have a modded DSi system. A childhood dream come true.

A surprise arrived in the mail as well! It was from my godfather (who I'm trying to get to join the site). This is the dude who hacked my Wii way back in 2011, and he's been guiding me through the process of softmodding my systems. He kindly sent me an assembled Raspberry Pi 4! I have only used one of these once before many years ago, and I don't think it was a 4. He said that it had just sat there gathering dust over at his house, so he just sent it over here. Thanks!

I haven't used the Pi much yet. It's very finicky and I can't seem to know how to get a composite signal. I've tried various methods, but none of them seemed to work. I'll use HDMI for now and see if I can't try again later. I have something I need to try that might help me get a composite signal.

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I also have a RaspPi 3 to mess with (I borrowed one).  As soon as I can dig up a mini-SD card, I'll get started.

Changing the signal out of the RaspPi can be tricky.  I have a converter for HDMI to VGA I've used in the past.  It works well, but you must get the power-on order correct (the monitor MUST be on before the RaspPi. 



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Yeah, I'm quickly finding out that this isn't as simple as the Wii or DSi. The thing was designed to teach programming and computer skills, so that makes sense.

I'm pretty sure the emulation on this thing is going to be great. It's a very popular device for that. I hope to find an O2 emulator that supports two controllers!

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