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Post Your Bazooka Joe Comics Here!


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Lately I've been including Bazooka Joe gum with my card packs. Some of you have even shared your comics you got with the gum from the pack. So how about we share them here!

I'll start:

This one wasn't cut correctly, but it's still kind funny


Wasn't this the truth growing up, lol.


Focus on the positive!


My son has comebacks like this sometimes...




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42 minutes ago, RickR said:

Here's a couple of cartoons from prior pieces of Bazooka Joe.  I posted these already in another thread.  But since there only appear to be 6 comics in total, it makes sense to repost them here.


bazooka joe 2.png

bazooka joe.png

I have a seventh one I have yet to post. It may be the least funny of them all. I’m not kidding.

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