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Good Knight and Good Luck

Oh the Puns...

A programmer from Chile has popped onto the Atari 7800 scene with a trilogy of upcoming Knight Games... well... 2 games about Knights and one about a very special roach. 2 out of 3 ain't bad, is it? Whatever the case, click the link and get hip on Vlad Zuniga's new platform adventure/ one player board game RPG/ and his upcoming SHUMP for the Prosystem.




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Dragon's Cache is a "Stuff is Falling" puzzle game homebrew by Revontuli... which is the first of three different Dragon themed games for the Atari 7800 he is conjuring up. This guy is nuts, but his games are on point.


Check out the review:



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Ive been making our second horror/comedy movie this last month in the Smoky Mountain Chronicles series, and this weekend I have off, so I wanted to do a bunch of Atari 7800 articles that I have back logged for www.Atari7800Forever.com before I get busy for the next month while we finish it.


I already posted about this featurette about Muddyfunsters games, but its worth a second mention. Plus there's a graphic from one of his games with my name on it, so I wanted to brag:



I reviewed Space Duel after playing the arcade version and the 7800 version for an hour on break this week



I look into getting into the backstory about that mysterious Atari Championship title belt I was gifted last month. I was given a wrestling belt years ago, and it ended up being very valuable. Can lightning strike twice?



Thanks for giving a crap, 


The Funk 


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