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Lots to ponder here. 

  • Ever wonder why the C64 outsold the Atari 8-bits?
  • It becomes obvious why Atari had to redesign the 400/800 to be simpler (and less expensive to produce).  This is why the XL line was born.  A single board version of the computer with a more elegant look than the C64.
  • You buying a Colecovision with Donkey Kong or an Atari 5200 with Super Breakout for $50 more?



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Hmm... I remember paying $300 for my 800 from Toys R Us because that was my dad's weekly net pay at the time. I suppose I could be wrong about the price. I gave zero hesitation about getting the 800 and gave no thoughts to anything else because it was Atari. It felt natural and obvious to me as a kid to get another Atari product.

Yes that big price diff between the C64 and 800, and 5200 and CV for that matter, would have been a deal breaker for mom and pop. I guess when you've been the big dog in the market, it made the company feel like it can call the shots. Looking at those game prices now, they were very expensive! Game prices have only doubled since the 80s. I guess that's pretty good relatively speaking, but then again, the modern gaming market is so huge compared to back then.

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