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Which Atari 7800 Game is the Toughest to Beat?

Funkmaster V

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I remember buying Fight Night for the Atari 8-bit computer and being so disappointed.  I was expecting something more arcadey like "Punch-Out".  But the game was terrible.  Difficult to control and not fun.  It boggles the mind why they chose this game to port to the 7800.  The least they could have done is make the controls more responsive.  

Karateka was awesome on the 8-bit computers.  But they screwed the controls on the 7800 port.  You'll fight the controls the whole game, and it's frustrating to make progress at all.  This is a game in which they should have simplified things.  

In both cases, I don't think the games should count as "tough to beat".  Bad controls should not count.  

I think a game like "Joust" should be on the "tough" list because it really does play and feel like an arcade game.  You'll be lucky to play for more than 10 minutes.  


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