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The NEW AtariVCS AtariOS already cracked?

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It would seem now even another sign the AtariVCS was rushed out the door so quickly to meet the open arms of backers 😂that yet another shortcut was taken in that the AtariOS was not even encrypted! Hmmm I a not sure WHERE this bit of info belongs amongst all things AtariVCS but I do find it interesting, I do not know much about more technical things so FYI if anyone feels the need you wont be correct ME as I am just relaying this video and info as I found it just now. At the very least seems interesting. Does this mean one does not even particularly need the specific console to enjoy all the great and magical things Atari OS offers 🤨🤔😀? Might anyone enjoy it using these methods on ANY low end Linux box or perhaps single board computer? Does this make the actual AtariVCS console even more irrelevant? Or was this whole thing faked by some horrible TROLL HATER? 😛 THE MIND BOGGLES !!!! 


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Latest video from the fellow booting Atari OS on other machines. Note his comical description 😀

😎Love his description - "Just a video showing you how to restore the Atari VCS operating system. Here is the link to the document provided by Atari:
As mentioned in the video, this is ONLY to be booted on an Atari VCS console and definitely SHOULD NOT be booted on ANY other machine.



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I remember one of the "updates" "Atari" mentioned a while back where the OS planned was suppose to be Linux based.  Linux at its roots can be a bit overwhelming and Greek to some.  I seriously doubt that anyone in-house at "Atari" knows how to program on that level.  The guys that would have been able to do it are from the past "Atari" era.  Definitely not the group they have now.  If they can then color me impressed.  With all the modern apps we have now that do the code work for us I seriously doubt anyone at modern "Atari" even know what BASIC is let alone how to use it.

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