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The time Johnny Carson stole David Letterman's truck and ended up in front of Judge Wapner

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David Letterman signed off this week after a television career that spanned more than 33 years and 6,000+ episodes. Though I haven't watched Letterman in some time (his star faded for me almost 15 years ago) I did grow up watching Dave in his most innovative years where we'd laugh 'til it hurt, and I'll miss his presence on TV. After seeing Dave say goodnight one last time on Wednesday, nostalgia caught up with me and I began surfing YouTube, looking through old clips and being swept under by all the great memories.


One of my favorite Late Night memories actually happened on The Tonight Show in 1986. This was during the years when Letterman was still at NBC. Johnny Carson was still host of The Tonight Show at 11:30 and Late Night with David Letterman would follow at 12:30. David Letterman was always known to have lived in his red Chevy pick-up truck when he was trying to make it as a stand-up comedian, and he kept this truck long after he had become successful. In fact, he kept it parked on the street in front of his Malibu home. Johnny Carson lived down the street from Dave and thought his old beat-up truck was an eye-sore. What happened next landed Dave & Johnny in front of Judge Wapner!


Here are the clips in chronological order. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did:





Dave's Truck is Stolen:






Dave's Truck, The Arbitration:


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