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A7800 Debugger. Disable Mouse Capture???


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A7800 Emulator Debug Question. Is there a way to disable the internal mouse pointer capture when using debug mode. When I use it, the mouse pointer disappears or cannot move outside the emulator window and cannot move over the the debug windows. I need to ALT-TAB to switch to another application that may be taking up the whole screen or displaying over the emulator window. There is no option labeled "capture mouse" in any of the option screens. This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed A7800 Debug environment. Nothing in any of the documentation, web pages, or anything posted on that other Atari forum. 

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I believe I found a solution. In the MAME documentation, I found a command line mention "-mouse", default is "-nomouse". A7800 emulator by default turns on mouse capture. Adding "-nomouse" after "-debug" disables the mouse capture and allows the mouse pointer move between the emulator and debug windows. Very useful. 

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