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We do a walk through of the arcade, play some games and show you where to eat. Videos featured: Gorf, Asteroids, Tron, Donkey Kong, Star Wars, Pole Position, San Francisco Rush 2049, Space Duel, Kangaroo, Robotron:2084 & Mortal Kombat 3. Pins featured: Baby Pac-Man, Star Trek, Meteor, Buck Rogers, Jack Bot & Time Line



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I saw your cruise ship video but not the one in Seattle - can you post link please?



I was shy to go in at first (I am highly introverted) but my curiosity and love of gaming won in the end lol 




I just remembered (seeing my play list) I did one at the tiny Calgary Airport during a stop over as well, well here for anyone here is all of them - maybe of anyone else has similar they can post as well? 


Calgary Airport stop over




Cruise Ship


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