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Squad Challenge - Attack of the Timelord! (Magnavox Odyssey ²)

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17 minutes ago, Sabertooth said:

Did you rewire the joystick or mod your O² to be compatible with Atari joysticks?

I have an adapter cable. 

I'm trying to remember the details, and I can look it up if you want names.  All I remember is that a guy on Atari Age or Facebook was making adapter cables for some other system.  Amiga or Vectrex or ???  I can't remember.  I sent him a message and asked if he could make something similar for O2 if I provided the wiring details.  He said yes, and now I have an adapter.  It's a big improvement.  But still, the first thing you'll notice is that there's a bit of a lag in the 02 joysticks.  I just assumed it was the mylar design they use in their joystick...and that does play a part.  The Atari stick makes it better for sure.  But there seems to be an inherent flaw in the system. 

My apologies to the person that made the adapter for not remembering his name. 



o2 adapter 001.JPG

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31 minutes ago, RickR said:

 And this game displays the quirk of almost every O2 action game:  only one life, and the game just restarts on it's own after dying.  WHY????

Here's my theory. It was programmed by Ed Averett, who programed the majority of the O2 games, which is quite an accomplishment, even if all the games aren't the best. How did he pump out so many games? Taking as many shortcuts as he could including using the same foundation for most of the games. That's why I believe a lot of his games have the same score bar on the bottom, allowing you to enter your initials the same way and all restart immediately. It probably saved him a lot of time compared to making a new game from the ground up.

The restarts can be a pain if you are trying to enter initials, but at the same time, they also fueled the whole "let me try that one more time" feeling you can get with games like this one and Pick Axe Pete.

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