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What do you guys want to see here in the TI section?

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Here are my ideas. 

I think it's important to build the community.  I'd love to see existing Atari.io members join in.  To that end, we need to keep things simple.  For example, bringing up the expert level stuff (Tipi, nanoPEB, etc) is just going to drive casual users away.  What's unique about Atari.io?  It's friendly and fun!  Focus on the games and the fun aspects of this system.  Make the content inviting and not intimidating. 

Some thread ideas:

  • Console buying guide.  I remember you telling me when I first got started with the TI to avoid the "tan" colored units.  I had no idea!  I think we need to spread the most simple knowledge of what to buy, what it will cost, where to look, and "don't panic" information (for example, that one button on the keyboard that temporarily disables the joysticks).  Include the details of "why".  For example, the newer tan units have a different bios that won't play all games (kind of like the INTV2).  Or how you can get a composite cable much cheaper by simply searching for a Commodore 64 or Atari 8-bit 5-pin cable. 
  • Game reviews.  Maybe spend a month on each game.  What is it most comparable to?  What makes it better or worse?  Example:  Parsec is kind of like Defender.  But it is a lot smoother and has speech.  Better than any other console's version of Defender.  Munchman vs. Pac Man.  Just more info and maybe some simple ongoing high-score challenges for those most common games on the system.
  • Controller options.  What to buy.  What to avoid.  Is there any way to improve those horrid TI joysticks?  How to use the Atari sticks on the system. 
  • Emulation.  How many people on this forum actually have a TI 99/4A?  Me.  That may be it.  So maybe we drum up interest by having a step-by-step simple guide of how to emulate on PC and Mac.
  • Links to interesting YouTube content. 

I'll give it more thought.



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Thank you, @- Ω - for getting this particular forum off of the ground! Also, thanks to @RickRfor his bulleted list of ideas!


Re: Emulation, I've been using Mac OS for several years (my better half used to work for Apple) and I struggled at times to find emulators for other platforms as most of them were Windows only. I would also throw Android in there as well as there's a pretty decent Reddit community for Emulators on Android.


Another area to explore would be Homebrews as there are new titles developed for classic systems and computers on a regular basis.



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@- Ω - One of the most important things will be developing activity in the TI forum. That will mean getting the word out to the TI world that Atari I/O is a TI-friendly forum and a nice new place for TI enthusiasts to spend their time 🙂 Good conversations in this new TI forum and inviting TI friends to join us will be key to its growth. The more TI activity in here the better.

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You've got some really good ideas there @RickR!  All five of those bullet points get a 👍!  If you could take on a couple of those, it would be awesome.  I also like @Marco1019's idea of emulation under the Mac platform, unfortunately I have no Apple products and will not be of any help there.  I've heard of something called Wine, that may be of use integrating some Windows only items, but don't know.

@Justin is right on the mark when it comes to this being a friendly place, in fact it's the major reason I'm here. 🙂  If we all chip in and spread the word, I think it'll build things up quicker.  No one person can do it all, and some may not like hanging out at a place where one person dominates everything.  The more the merrier is one of the major goals right?

Yes, again I think @RickR has a valid point, especially as we are starting out, keeping it simple and fun.  Later as more come on board if they want, more in-depth topics will probably just come about.  Rick, would you be willing to start a thread something like, "A Beginners Guide to Getting into the TI?"  You've shown you have a firm grasp on the entry level aspects.  If you want, I'd be willing to make some support videos for your posts.

A month on each game sounds good, maybe even a poll letting users pick between some choices for the person who decides to take on that role?  Letting users volunteer for month might also be an option that will let others feel more involved.


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6 hours ago, RickR said:

I remember you telling me when I first got started with the TI to avoid the "tan" colored units.  I had no idea!

No kidding!  There can be a lot of "issues" for a Newbie when it comes to getting a beige unit.  The worst problem is the keyboard itself, most of those units have a Mitsumi (membrane) keyboard that self-destructs over time.  Not being able to run third-part cartridges can be another issue with a good portion of them, so I steer all newbies to the black and silver version that says 1981 on the screen.  It took me eight freaking years to FINALLY locate a non-Mitsumi in good condition that would also work with non-GROM cartridges.  I'm now using it as my "portable system".  Yes, portable, I've been known to take my TI with me when I go places. 😄 



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22 minutes ago, DegasElite said:

I found it. Sorry for my question. I should have known the topic on Dragon's Lair on the TI99 was in here somewhere. I was looking at my forum feed and not the actual topics in the Texas Instruments listing on this site. My bad. Thanks. :O)


No need for apologies.  Sadly new copies are no longer available of that game, but every once in a while a used copy comes up for sale.  I suck at the game personally, but because of it's uniqueness and total awesomeness it's the only boxed game I've ever wanted to have.  Tursi is one of the TI greats to be sure, and a great guy too.

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3 hours ago, RadioPoultry said:

We could always share BASIC programs, for those that don't mind a lot of typing.  🙂

Actually, all you would need to do it cut and paste it into Classic 99 and then save it to the TI.  Post a BASIC program and I'll make a quick video showing you how easy it is.

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