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Name That Game Via Haiku - March 2021 Forum Thread Game of the Month

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@nosweargamer, third time is a charm! It is indeed Fight For Life.

- The game was programmed by Francois Yves Bertrand, a former member of Sega AM2 who worked on Virtua Fighter under Yu Suzuki. 

- There is a longheld conspiracy among Jaguar fandom that the retail version is not the final release candidate and that Bertrand withheld the final version from Atari. Bertrand has refuted this but the old rumors persist. 

- Instead of a ring out, the ring has an invisible electric field which electrocutes any fighter pushed into it.

- The game was the last game published by Atari for the Jaguar in 1996. It is also the last game published by Atari Corps. 


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