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Famicom - It Finally Begins

Atari 5200 Guy

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I've watched lots of YouTube videos on these from best starter set games to repairs.  Even though those videos said it was small pictures do not do these machines justice.  They are a LOT smaller than those videos try to show.  It could easily be a hand held system.  It doesn't seem to weigh much more than a GBA.  In all honesty, I believe the original GameBoy probably weighs more than the Famicom. 

Then again its small size makes sense.  Japanese families usually have houses with small rooms compared to most American homes. The Famicom's small size, and the small carts, would make it easy to collect for without taking up much space.  

I've already got a power supply for it when I got a 3rd party 3-in-1 adapter for the Super NES.  It will power the Famicom as well.  Specs on the power supply are perfect for it.  I may borrow the pads out of my regular NES controllers for a bit to test this thing out when a game arrives to test it.  I don't play the NES much any way only because the types of games I enjoy playing on the NES I don't have (Life Force, Gradius, Destination Earthstar, Stinger).  And I plan to get a LOT of the 2D shoot 'em ups for the Famicom that we (Western world) did and did not get.  This is going to be a learning experience that I am looking forward to. 

Maybe it will also help me get my passion for gaming back as I've seemed to have lost some of it for some reason.  I love the games I have but when I go look at what I have trying to find something to play I just give up.  Almost like I have no ambition to play them.  So I am hoping this new addition will help me find my gaming passion again.  I can't wait to play something on it even if it is a Mario game.  Oh...and Galaxian!  They got Galaxian!  Why didn't we get it?  

So now that I have a new console from across the pond, and I believe a few here also own one, I'm going to ask and see what all pops up.  Games!  It's all about the games.  Those that are familiar with the system I'd like to know what games you enjoy playing on it.  I know it has Salamander (aka Life Force), Gradius, and Gradius II...games that are on my radar.  I also learned that Blaster Master was released in Japan as Meta Fight and a much nicer looking Title and Start screens.  What else is there?  Only rule:  I don't read Japanese, yet, so anything that doesn't require a whole lot of translations would be appreciated.  So, list of games for the Famicom, and...GO!

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Something arrived today from JapanPost...


The game and system work. However I have to replace the pads inside both controllers.  These are pretty much shot.  I managed to get a controller together enough to enjoy it for a while.  It should hold over until I can get those new pads.  This machine is going to be fun to play on.  I especially like the size of the carts.  Really small compared to the large gray things we got.

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Posted (edited)

I don't know what it is about this little console.  I enjoy playing games on this system, that I know I have and play on the NES we got in America, a bit more.  For some reason I find this little guy more appealing...even with crippled controllers which, by the way, is being taken care of soon.  So far the only thing about it that is a bit uncomfortable is the controller cords.  Their locations exiting the controllers takes some getting use to.  Dr. Mario I got burned out on with the NES...for some reason I'm not getting burned out with it yet on this little guy...and it's the SAME GAME!  Nothing different.  

I have taken it apart and cleaned it and was actually impressed with the circuit board design.  It's really small.  They could have used this design to make the first GameBoy with color without changing much and it would have worked.  It's really tiny.  Very impressive. 

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I got a Famicom with its original box and a Famicom Disk System back in late 2019. One of the first new items for my rebuilt collection after the fire.

Anyway, yeah, it is CRAZY small. I love the color scheme, though, and I think I prefer it over the White and Gray we got here with the NES.

As for Japan-exclusive games, I will suggest "Nuts & Milk," one of the first Hudson Soft releases for the system, "F1 Race," a Pole Position-like racer that strangely never came to America, and "Devil World," a title designed by Shigeru Miyamoto that DID get a European release, but still to this day has never been officially released in North America.

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