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The TI Game Player's Rotation

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If you're most people, you have a few "favorite games", but playing the same games all the time can get a little... well... boring.  So, you're probably like many of us who have a "Personal Rotation List".  Oh, the list might not even be written down, but do you always seem to draw from the same batch?  Well, if so they must be really good games!  Let's share our lists with each other and see what turns out to be the most popular among us all.

The top few can be weaved into this threads sister thread the: Weekly Showcase - Homebrews, Ports and Others 

Let the GAMES (listing) BEGIN!

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@CrossBow since you have a FinalGROM without a 32K expansion, I'll start this list of with one of my all time favorites that was ported over to the TI in 2018.  It's called "Borzork" it's a spot-on reproduction of Berzerk.  It's one of those games that stay in my rotation list.


I like it so much, I made a dedicated cartridge for it!  It's killer with speech.  I dunno why I'm getting Deja Vu posting this, I hope I didn't upload this a week ago or something, but with age comes a feeble memory so....


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6 hours ago, Airshack said:

I’d love to see someone finish the Escape and post their times. Reading the manual is necessary and there is a ten minute countdown timer. 


You know... if I were the author, I'd contact Tursi and ask him if he would consider including it with Classic 99 like he does with so many other programs.  Many people have downloaded Classic 99, more I'm willing to bet than individual programs.  Also, everytime an existing user upgrades, they would get a copy too.

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