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Useful Utilities to have on your FinalGROM

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Since many of you are now just starting to get into the TI, or expanding your systems with devices like the TIPI, one useful utility to have in your "toolbox" is DU2K also known as Disk Utilities 2000, especially when installing your TIPI for the first time.  When you purchase a TIPI for example, the DSR might be set at 1100, which coincidentally is the same address as the TI disk controller.  If you try to run the P-Box TIPI at the same address as the TI FDC, you'll get... SQUAT!  So, this program will tell you all the devices attached to your TI and their operating address and you'll know of potential conflicts.

Also, if you are having problems, pull the TI controller out of the P-Box, before firing up the TI and run this program with your TIPI attached, if it comes back at 1100, you'll need to change it. 

Also, if you CALL TIPI from TI BASIC, without the TI controller in the P-Box and the second line of the TIPICFG program reads the CRUBASE as 1100 you'll know what the conflict is.  Just adjust the jumpers, so it's at 1000 and it'll now work with the TI FDC.





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