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Mars / Perseverance Rover

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There are two satellites in Mars orbit that relay ground transmissions from the various rovers back to Earth.  There are also receiving stations in various places around our planet capable of receiving the signals.  I'm unsure of the transmission rate, but am assuming it's low enough that it explains why we only get still images, and those being composite images as well.  As for communication blackouts, I believe it's mainly when Earth and Mars are positioned on opposite sides of the sun.

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4 hours ago, CrossBow said:

Crazy the amount of dust already on the solar arrays on this little guy!

Yeah, no kidding!  Hopefully a little of it will fall off during the first flight, otherwise it'll affect the recharge time for the next flight.

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NASA has pushed back Ingenuity's first flight due to a safety alert during a spin rotor test.  The flight, originally set for the 11th will not happen before Wednesday, April 14.  NASA did say however that the helicopter is in good shape.

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