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TI Newbies & Wannabees - Have questions? We'll try to answer them all here!

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Sometimes newbies, or others considering taking the plunge into the TI-99/4A have questions about it, because it's new to them.  Sadly, some people are afraid to ask so-called "simple questions" on some sites, but you don't have to worry about that here at Atari.io!  People here are friendly and know that when people are trying something new, they obviously cannot and do not know everything coming in to it, how could they?  So, no question is "too simple", you won't be scoffed at, run off, or ridiculed.  In fact as we grow this section, your questions are quite valuable to all of us and the people who come after you.  So, when you ask a question, you'll not only be helping yourself, you'll be helping this forum and all the people that come after you.  You'll be helping grow this new section as a valued member of our community and I bet someday you'll be answering questions too!

So, welcome to our little TI forum, and on the questions... FIRE AWAY! 👍

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I'll add one little tidbit of info for any curious people passing through, by now you may have seen many other platforms that are quite costly after you get into them, so many people are looking to cash-in.  For the most part in the TI community it does take a little bit money "upfront" to get a couple of attachments that will let your TI run 95% of everything out "out there", but it's important to know 95% of everything "out there" is 100% FREE in the TI-realm, yes FREE!  Most new games and ports have been released free of charge, so you can actually run HUNDREDS for games and many other programs for FREE.

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