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What happened to America's electronics stores?

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I was pretty sad when Fry's shuttered up. We didn't have Fry's or even MicroCenters here in my state. We only had the Radio Shacks and maybe a few EBs. There was a Babbage's at the local mall when I was kid, but it was replaced with a chain known as Software Etc. in the early 90s which eventually closed that mall space and reopened it a few spaces down in the mall. They are now a Gamestop.

We did have Circuit City and I actually was pretty fond of them at the time. Most of my Dreamcast collection and earlier DVD releases came from their stores. My first large flat panel TV I purchased from Circuit City so yeah...that was another one that was sad to see gone.

Having said that, I'm still luck in that I do still have a local hobby radio/electronics mom and pop store that is decently sized here in my hometown. They also have an Ebay store they sell stuff through but I do wonder how much longer they will be around as they seem to replace less and less of their stock each time I go in to get stuff.


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The video is well done (as usual by The Eight Bit Guy).  He points out those days are likely gone forever.  It's sad, but true. 

Here in Portland, the Fry's was way far away.  A good hour down the freeway from most places in the city.  Frankly, I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.  In visiting some of the themed stores in California, it always felt like our Oregon store was kind of lame.  Still, I did shop there for parts many times back in the early 2000's. 


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Here in my state was lucky to have many Fry's Electronics,  couple of Microcenters, Circuit City, and many Radio Shacks.   

Frys was my favorite to just go and browse around, try out many of there demo areas, and loved the themes even as corny as they were. Lots of cables for every connector that you can need.

Microcenters were great as I felt the employees were quite knowledgeable. Stores were smaller than Frys but quite fond of them. 

I only experienced Circuit City towards there end.  Found it funny when I bought a $50 portable Sony CD Walkman and they were pushing a $75 2 year warranty.   No thanks.   Will buy another if it breaks.

Radio shack had some nice educational items for kids back in the day.  My favorite were there electronic kits to build circuits. 

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