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Weird controller, The Power Stick by Amiga for Colecovision!

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I remember owning a pair of these for the 2600 in the early/mid 80s but they didn't last very long as I recall. Then a few years ago, I stumbled on a pair of these that only had on 9pin connector on the end. I was curious and suspected what they were for. I was pleasantly surprised when I was correct and found out I'd bought a pair of these for like $6 for the....



And they work just fine which, I can't say for my actual pair of Ti controllers.


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Update: I've spent some quality time with the Power Stick and I find it surprisingly comfortable to hold, much more than my Wico Command Control for Colecovision. It's response and accuracy are excellent and the buttons are comfortatable and intuitive to use. The buttons on the Wico are stiff as hell. The only gripe I have is that my thumb got a bit sore from the hard plastic stick and actually left an impression on my thumb. But I fixed that problem with a soft rubber nub. They should have done something like this in the original design.


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