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CONTEST POLL (ROUND 1) - The worst joysticks EVER!

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The WORST joystick (Round 1)  

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  1. 1. Which of the two joystick below is the WORST (in your opinion).

    • TI-99/4A
    • Atari 5200

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Over the decades there have numerous complaints about both joysticks listed here in round one. The original TI-99/4A joysticks and the Atari 5200 joystick.  Which one do you think is worse?  The winner of this round will go up against a joystick of your choosing.  Voting will last a week (from the time  of this post) before we continue on to round two, so stay tuned!



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I say TI-99 only because I've never gotten a pair of them that actually worked properly. Yes the 5200 sticks usually don't work either when you first get them, but they can at least be repaired pretty easily and made to work over the years with a little maintenance. The TI sticks just look and feel like a sealed nightmare that would never have a happy ending to it.


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I also went with the TI sticks.  I've used brand new ones right out of the box, and they always feel like they are about to fall apart in your hands.  It doesn't help that you have to use a little more force in moving the joysticks. 

5200 sticks are bad too, but they really are a product of their time.  I think Atari had the mentality to "beat" the Intellivision in their design.  And that's why the controller came out so closely to the Intellivision controller design.  They actually did beat the Intellivision controllers IMO, as I much prefer using 5200 sticks over the Intellivision controllers.



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