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Considerations to take into account when ordering a "SIDECAR" TIPI unit

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There are two different "sidecar" TIPI designs to take into account if you are considering purchasing a TIPI or a 32K expansion.

The Original Design


This 32K can be used as a stand alone, and sells for roughly $64.00 on Ebay from the Brewing Academy.  It also supports a separate TIPI card that attaches to the side. cpY07VX.png

This TIPI unit sells for around $88.00 plus shipping from the Brewing Academy on Ebay.  So your overall cost for both units (pre-shipping) is around $152.00 before shipping.

NOTE:  This more expensive design does NOT allow for a future P-Box to be attached if you choose to upgrade later.

Newer Design

The equally capable sidecar design, the TIPI/32K is an all-in-one design that sells for around $60.00 and it allows for future P-Box without the need to purchase any other stuff.  It also sells for LESS than some stand alone 32K expansion modules being sold as well.


So, if you want a sidecar design, this information might be something to consider.  Even if you only want a 32K expansion at the moment, I highly recommend purchasing the TIPI/32K because overall it's less expensive and lets you keep your options open.


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