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Spies in the Night (2600) homebrew - COMPLETED!

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Spies in the Night by graywest

Don't try to adjust the "Color / B/W" switch on your 2600 - this is a "Noir" game.   icon_smile.gif

You are a spy in a trench coat and fedora trying to... well, I haven't quite worked out that part of the story yet. But there is a rotating lighthouse in the distance.  If the beam falls upon you and you aren't completely hidden behind the wall, a sniper will end your life in a hail of bullets.


Push the joystick left and right to walk in that direction.  The fire button will make your player duck.  This is helpful to hide behind shorter segments of the broken wall.


Cross to the right side of the screen to score 100 points.  The broken wall is randomly generated each time.  Once you pass a certain number of screens, the level will advance and the wall sections will become more sparse.  You get 100 points for passing each screen, and 10,000 points for clearing each level.


Right now, there is no limit to the number of lives you have.  If you die, just push the fire button to try again from the left side of the screen.  Limited lives are in the works.  I'm also planning to set up the timer minikernel to add some pressure to the game. (done)

Note: if flashing screens bother you, this game flashes the background once every 3 seconds or so as the lighthouse beam passes over the player.  Just FYI.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Added a "detonator" to the end of each level.  If you reach it before time runs out, push it down to blow up the lighthouse!  Also added a new title screen.




(no music or sound)

SpiesInTheNight 060415.bas.bin

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another update!........... Three major additions: Graywest added a spy-themed song to the title screen.  He also added an option to turn off the background flash if that sort of thing bothers you.  Just flip the right difficulty switch to "B" to turn off the flash, or flip it to "A" to turn the flash on.  Finally, he fixed a game-breaking problem that happened on the higher levels (around level 4 or 5) - when the difficulty ramps up, the game would sometimes create such a large gap in the wall that it wasn't physically possible for the player to cross it between lighthouse rotations.  That problem should be fixed now.

SpiesInTheNight 061315.bas.bin

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For those of you who do not follow the "other" website forums and/or a member of the FB group called "Atari 2600 Homebrew", I wanted to let you know that this title will be "officially" released soon thru Scott Dayton (NEO Games) either thru the FB group and/or the other forum. More details will be coming soon..........












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