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The Great "Lurker Poll" of 2021

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Checking into the great TI User poll of 2021  

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  1. 1. Are YOU or were YOU here?

    • YES
    • NO

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In an attempt to gauge viewership/interest and to make sure I'm not posting to an empty room, I figured it was time to post a poll so we can see who all is here.  Please take a few minutes to sign up to Atari.io (if necessary), then check back after a couple of days.  This can be an awesome place to hang out if...


Feel free to leave a message as well!

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6 hours ago, RickR said:

Hint:  join us in the various other forum groups.  Expand your horizons and I'll bet more people will join in the TI posts. 

I've been doing that... as time allows.  I've still not had enough time to put together the YouTube video (commercial).

4 hours ago, intellicolecovisonary said:

You might consider that some, like myself who had no prior interest in the TI saw some of your initial posts had their interests piqued and investigated, so all is not lost Kemosabe. 

We'll see and hope for the best.

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You got me on the "lurker" portion of the poll ... but I dunno how to vote that I was here.

I haven't done any retro computing and mostly into tournament physical pinball now but Atari I.O. is my homepage when I start my PC (which is getting to be somewhat retro by now) this thread came up in the recent Topics on the home forum page. I do read the various threads but don't feel I personally have anything substantially to add to the T.I. boards. but as I'm out & about should someone bring it up in a conversation I would lead them here.


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