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Considering bailing out, and only keeping my main TI system.

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Over the past 8 years I've gone "a little overboard" on collecting TI-99/4A stuff and have dumped more money than I want to admit into it.  Truth be told, most of my enjoyment of the hobby was encouraging development of new items, seeing what people could make the system do and for social activity.  I really don't use my main system for more than an hour a week, and most of my stuff just sits unused.  The main problem is finding a good homes for some of those items.  I don't want to sell on Ebay and give away a substantial amount of the sale to that company... and postage rates are terrible.  It would be nice to find a "semi-local" person to meet up with and pass much of my stuff to, but what are the odds? 

Then finding someone that is willing to spend what I would need (not even breaking even).  For instance on the seven (UberGROM) cartridges shown below I'm into them for at least $175 before shipping, $75.00 on the cosmetically perfect console and then the rare 3D printed cases with the TIPI-32/RPi Zero W and speech synthesizer which combined is worth probably another $150.00.  So all in, I figure about $400.00, but could I get someone to even offer $325.00?  Doubtful, as TI users users do not grow on trees, even for this probably one-of-a-kind setup.



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That is a pretty sweet setup.  Definitely worth what you're asking. 

It's tough, though.  I get it.  If someone is a TI collector, they probably have a lot of that already, though probably not as nice.  Maybe selling it in pieces would be easier, but everything here goes together so perfectly, I'd have a hard time splitting it up. 

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