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DEFENDER 2000 drops today on The Jag Bar. This is the first new episode of The Jag Bar since the Cybermorph Christmas Special in December 2016! The Boyz play @an ox Jeff Minter's Defender 2000 on the Atari Jaguar.  Four Defender games in one - Defender 2000, Classic Defender, Defender Plus and Plasma Pong. Make sure you’re subscribed. Big shoutout to @Atari Creep and everybody who made it to the livestream of the filming of this show (see my post above). New episodes coming all summer long:



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17 hours ago, btbfilms76 said:

This is the LAST Jag CD in my collection.  We’ve reviewed them all - well according to my collection.  This has been a good run and we have a handful of carts left to review. Stay tuned folks for more Jag Bar



I had this game when it came out. Pretty disappointing. It's one of those games that hurts the Jag's reputation. I remember playing it and thinking 1.) This isn't the Highlander movie or TV show that I know, this is like some European cartoon.. and 2.) Super Breakout on the 2600 is more fun and I'd rather play that instead.

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