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Anyone up for a... "TI-99/4A DAY"?

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Anyone up for a TI-99/4A day where we all hop on our TI's and do something special, useful or just fun... and then post the results?  If you have a TI all hooked up, great, if not, pull it out, set it up and "go to town".  We can all agree on a date, and document what we did in either text, photos or video.

What do you think you'd do?  And when is the best day for you?

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6 hours ago, Airshack said:

Can’t do 1 June as I’ll be island hopping in Hawaii that day 🙂

Bummer... but you could take your sidecar TIPI with you and use it in the evening!  😇

I took my "portable TI" on vacation with me last year, as seen below...



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8 hours ago, Airshack said:

What’s your recommend on the wireless mouse?

Well, for my main P-Box system I use a TI color matched Logitech M310 available from Amazon << HERE >> It's a good mouse and if you order one it'll arrive in only a few days.

On my portable system I rolled the dice and purchased a really cheap unbranded mouse from Ebay, that surprisingly works well, but is physically smaller, turns itself off if you do not use after a period of time, which forces you to pick it up, turn it off, then back on.  That latter one can be purchased << HERE >>. 

In the end, I spend the extra money and get the first one I mentioned.

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