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Monthly Focus (Game of the Month)

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There is a really nice game that has decent graphics, plays well and does not fit the "standard" first person shooter genre, but is actually quite fun to play... if you have more than 10 minutes to spare.  What is that game?  Well, it's...


Below you will find the PDF files for the documentation and a keyboard strip in PDF format.  To download the program in .BIN format for the FinalGROM or FlashROM just...





Submarine Commander (Revised 2).pdf Strip - Submarine Commander.pdf

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I don't know how long I'll be able to sustain a twice monthly FOCUS on individual games, but I thought I'd give it a try since @RickR likes the idea.  So for the last half of this month the focus will be on a game written by our very own @Airshack!


Escape North Korea

Escape North Korea 8K Cartridge Image (For FlashROM or FinalGROM) - << DOWNLOAD LINK >>

Escape North Korea 512K Cartridge Image (For UberGROM) - << DOWNLOAD LINK >>

Escape North Korea Editor Assembler "EA/5" Version (.DSK Image - << DOWNLOAD LINK >>

Escape North Korea (PDF Manual) - << DOWNLOAD LINK >>

Escape North Korea (Dedicated Cartridge Label) - << DOWNLOAD LINK >>





<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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Not too fast now!  I did get my TI out, but I haven't hooked it up.  It's just too nice this weekend.  I've been outside doing yardwork, riding my bike, etc.  Just enjoying the nice weather while we have it.  Also, I found myself with a huge stash of old pong consoles (and an RCA Studio 2!) that all need some help.

And of course, my beloved Portland Trailblazers are fighting for a playoff spot.  So I've been watching all of their games.  

I will try the sub command game ASAP.  And then the North Korea.  And I really want to spend some time with that Berzerk clone.  



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