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Compatible Flatbed Scanners for Atari 16/32 Computers?

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Hey, guys,

I have some questions. Does anyone in this forum know what types of flatbed document scanners are compatible with Atari ST/E/TT/Falcon030 computers? I have some older scanners, including a compatible hand scanner from GoldenImage for the ST. I also have a old UMAX Astra 1220U scanner, for Windows and Mac, without the software included. Is there a flatbed scanner I can get for the Atari computer line? I know it would be an older scanner, and maybe my UMAX could be used for scanning documents on an STE or compatible, but I find that unlikely. However, one can hope. Is there special software for scanners to make them compatible with the 16/32 Atari computer line? Thanks. :O)

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I also found information on ScanX Pro, from Homa Systems House. So far, no program. It seems these businesses are gone, so there's no recent information on them or downloads. I will try the Sandrine app soon. There has to be something on ScanX Pro that is pertinent, like a demo of it. Maybe.

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