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At what point is it politically correct to say, "It cannot be done on the TI"?

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Over the years I've seen some truly amazing stuff that hobbyist programmers have pulled off in creating and porting games to the old TI-99/4A.  However, there are two games I've really been dying to see on the TI, both VERY POPULAR titles, but now, I don't think they'll ever come to pass.  I think it's probably due to the architecture of the TI, not the lack of programming brilliance among the TI Uber-Programmers.  So, I'm not going to say, "They don't have the chops to pull it off".  What are those two games?

SIMCITY -  Before the F18A, the 1Meg SAMS card and the TIPI and FinalGROM it was not possible, now I **BELIEVE** that super popular game is possible, but it would probably take way too long to port.  This might be a good thing, because that game is addictive as hell!

BATTLEZONE - Originally a vector graphics based game, it might be possible to simulate the appearance and if written in machine language could be fast enough.  Hell, if there is a VIC 20 version, why not a TI version?

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