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Findings on IMDB...


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Wasn't sure where to put this, but




It says documentary and drama. Is it about Atari the company or something else... LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN!!!




Found a description:


Biopic about godfather of the video game industry, Nolan Bushnell and his transition from fixing broken pinball machines, to launching his own manufacturer in the early '70s.

Retro obsessed dude

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Hey Leo,


This got some attention in the press in the Summer of 2008, nearly 7 years ago, which may be before you were paying much attention to Atari ^_^  


Here is the original article from Wired Magazine, published June 9, 2008: http://www.wired.com/2008/06/leo-dicaprio-at/


Leonardo DiCaprio took interest in Atari, and Nolan Bushnell in particular. DiCaprio wanted to make an independent film about Nolan, Atari, the founding of the games industry and ultimately it's affect on the world. As happens so often in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio bought the film rights from Nolan Bushnell to make a movie of his life story. I don't know the exact details of their agreement, but the way things typically go in Hollywood, DiCaprio would have offered Nolan something like $200,000 + for exclusive rights to develop a movie based on his life story, and they will have a limited amount of time (usually 7 years, sometimes 20) to develop, film, and release a film. At that point, after acquiring the rights to Nolan's life story, DiCaprio would have sought someone to write a great script, would have gotten approval, put the movie into production, and ultimately filmed and released the movie at whatever level. DiCaprio had stated it was his intent to produce and star in the film as Nolan Bushnell. So far that hasn't happened.


Often times movie rights are acquired and the film goes nowhere. Just like in any industry, not all products in development are released. So it's very likely at this point that DiCaprio took interest in the project, purchased the rights to Nolan's life story and paid him something up front, began initial development of the story and then the movie fell into what is called "development hell" where the movie isn't officially cancelled but it's taking many years to get started filming. It's also likely that Leonardo DiCaprio has a lot going on in his life, lots of different interests, and Atari fell on the back-burner.


There's also the possibility that this idea came in the wake of momentary trends. The Atari movie was announced at a time when the tech industry was really establishing itself in the minds of the American public. The iPhone had just come out and there was a lot of buzz about Apple and Steve Jobs, which have a lineage that can be traced back to Atari and Nolan Bushnell. This was also when shows like The Apprentice and Shark Tank were still pretty new, and Leonardo DiCaprio had just played eccentric industrialist Howard Hughes in the movie "The Aviator". It made sense in some way that DiCaprio would be the one to take an interest in Nolan and Atari.


The film is still technically in development, but I wouldn't hold your breath. 

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leo...... i recommend watching this one:



it received alot of nominations and won 2 awards too

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