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Venture the 7800 version

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14 hours ago, peteym5 said:

Do you know when it will be ready? Do we know if a future version of 7800 Basic and Emulator will also support this. The way I might design any games that use anything with a passthrough, is they will still work without any extra device, just won't hear additional sounds in this case. That way people can still purchase and play the game. 

I do not know the current status but the way it would operate is exactly as you stated. It would be present for games that need it and games could be programmed so that if it isn't present, then obviously they could still work but with reduced sounds. 

Additionally, Batari (Fred Quimby) just posted a demo of his new HOKEY chip in action playing Commando. His chip is to be a pokey replacement for a fraction of the cost but also have the ability to include additional sound engines programmed into it so that it could emulate FM and other audio chip sources as well. Even talk of Quad Pokey which, the options that could bring would be amazing. But his is more of a chip on cart solution, same as what is done now on 7800 home brews that need pokey in them.


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