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New RGB board options available for Intellivision systems!


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After the past few months of doing quite a bit of testing, I can now offer two different RGB solutions for the Intellivision model 1 and model 2 systems. Not sure about the later model INTV III or Super Pro Systems, but if they use the same U10 color chips in them, then I don't see why these new boards couldn't be used in them as well.

The two boards offer similar RGB output quality and are compatible with SCART to HDMI converters, the RetroTink2x SCART, and the OSSC! This marks first time that RGB solutions for the Intellivision have been available that would also work through the OSSC. Each board has their pros and cons, but rather than talk or list them, I think it might be better to just show you. I've created two videos that are nearly identical showing the RGB output from each of the two boards available. 

First we have the RGB board solution from Crayon King over at Atari Age. This is now his ver. 5 of the board. This board offers full RGB output and has the ability to add toggle switches allowing you to select between two different palette modes, Sync option, and the ability to also wire up component video output with a toggle between YUV component and RGB. This board also costs more as a result of these added options. Here is sample footage from that RGB board captured from my Intelly 2 via Retrotink2x SCART using Insurrection Industries Genesis 2 AV RGB c-sync scart cables.


The next board was created by a really cool French dude by the name of Yannick. This is his ver. 2 of his RGB board. This board is RGB output only with no additional palettes available. However, I find that this board produces a better picture overall that is more vibrant and I feel has more accurate colors represented from the service manual. But it does exhibit an odd screen tearing like effect along the very top of the image. This is actually in part of the over scan area of the video signal and so it doesn't effect any actual play field graphics on actual games but is visible on many games whereas on some games it isn't. You can see this in the video. This was captured from my Sears SVA Intellivision though the RetroTink2x SCART using Insurrection Industries Genesis 2 AV RGB c-sync scart cables.


I'm now offering installation services for these two boards as an RGB output solution for the Intellivision has been a very long time coming and needed! Feel free to ask me any questions about these or for more details.



See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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