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3D Printing and Printers (in Retro Computing & Gaming)

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For now, I'm posting this in the OFF TOPIC area. Over time my hope is that it grows and becomes a self-sustaining draw on Atari.io.  Until then, I can see this coming under multiple headers...

1) 3D Printers - Timely Discussion about which models are "currently" hot, the best deals (as in bang for the buck) as well as affordable sources for supplies, etc.

2) Clearing House -  A subheading for "linked lists to pre-designed parts from all over the Internet under each platform like Atari, Commodore, TI, etc.

3) Personal Stories - Discussions abouts how 3D printer tech has affected your retro computing or gaming hobby.

4) Virtual Mall -  Since not everyone will own a 3D printer, people can show what they've made for themselves and are currently offering for sale to help those without.

5) Who knows...


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How has 3D printer technology affected your retro computing hobby?  Were your able to re-create a broken part?  Were you able to make or obtain a new case for a newly designed item?  Were you simply able to jazz up your retro-computing platform or game room with art or accessories?  What else?

Example of 3D printed retro cartridge


<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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