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What's new with everyone?

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It's been a while since I've been active here. I had a lot of catch up to do, going back to school and all. Atari.io tends to be a place where I write long, intensive posts and I just didn't have the time for that as much as I used to back in the Ferg. I've stayed on Discord mostly, as it's a lot quicker and easier to do in a couple of minutes compared to this. I've kept in contact with a few of you guys there.

Now it's summer, and my schedule is free. I can spend more time here now! I'm happy to be back home.

So, what's new with everyone here?

Me, I've had a lot happen. I had an AP history test that I hope I did well on (haven't gotten any results yet), went back to school and caught up with my friends and was actually able to learn stuff (virtual school did NOT suit me), got an Odyssey 2, became a Beach Boys fan (thanks to a number of people who "forced me" to give Pet Sounds another shot, which I'm listening to while writing this, actually), went to my first vacation in a year and got horribly sick, tried dating again but decided not to, and most importantly, made it through my sophomore year of high school alive!

I haven't been entirely inactive during this time. I've been doing a lot regarding @fergojisan's podcast and the like. Like I have said, I've been in touch with a few of you there.

But anyways, I'm back finally. So what's new with all of you? What did I miss? How are you all doing?

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Sounds like you had a busy time.  And sorry to hear you got sick.  That sucks!

Interesting you should mention "Pet Sounds".  I just went on a plane trip to Omaha for a wedding, and what album did I take with me to listen to on the way?  "Pet Sounds"!  Serendipity.  It's always been good to me.  But over the years, I've come to know so much about how it was made with "The Wrecking Crew" studio musicians being directed by Brian Wilson.  So my opinion has changed a bit.  I don't really consider it Beach Boys as much as a Brian Wilson record. 


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When I dove deep into the Beatles back in 2019, I inevitably stumbled across people online talking about how good Pet Sounds was. I listened to the album on CD back then and I was heavily biased. "There's no way it can be better than The Beatles," I thought. What's more, I was raised in a household that hated The Beach Boys with a passion. So at the time, I didn't really like it much. 

But nowadays I really quite enjoy it. I recently bought a vinyl copy. It's in stereo, so I'm sure the purists will cringe, but I'll take what I can get.

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Hey, Harry! Good to see you.

It's been quite the roller coaster ride in my life since November last year. Things are stable now, and I'm just now trying re-build normalcy and routine back into my life. I randomly dropped in here on the I/O during the past few months when I felt able, but I'm looking to ease back in on a regular cadence. I look forward to the I/O fun.

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