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Temporary High Score Challenge | Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

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PAC-MAN (Atari 2600)


DEADLINE: Whenever the next real High Score Challenge is posted


Happy summer, Atari.io!

@Justin seems pretty busy lately, and so to keep the spirit of the Squad Challenge alive, I have decided to make a temporary, unofficial replacement until the real deal happens again. I picked a game I know everyone here has! Make sure to include a picture of your score.

May the best score win!

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High Score Squad is returning on the 15th with a special event. 🥳 

We have a structure in place for members to engage each other in high score events of their own, through posting new high scores on the scoreboard, or challenging each other in 2-Player Challenge.

⚠️ We won’t have a new precedent set with members creating competing “temporary” challenges 


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