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An Interesting Article About the TI 99/4A


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It's a quick summary of the history of the 99/4A and it's impact on the marketplace.  The most fascinating part for me is the mention of another cause of the great video game crash of 83, one that rarely gets mentioned:

"the Commodore/Atari/TI home computer price war destroyed the sub-$1,000 home computer market and tanked the video game industry with it,"



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3 hours ago, Airshack said:

A great article by an obvious fan whom understands the system well enough.

Too many articles out there from people echoing other people's misconceptions. Great job Benj Edwards!

I hear that.  I've also seen some pretty lame You Tube videos of people showing off TI consoles that obviously don't know much if anything about them.  Sadly the most popular TI video I've ever seen was one guy destroying one.

<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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