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Atari ST DOM Reviews

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Hey guys! This is a Special Edition SPACE Newsletter covering Atari ST DOM Reviews for January 2015 through May 2015.


Atari ST DOM Reviews include the following games:


  • Fantastic World II
  • The Lost World
  • Bat Invaders
  • Dr. Necro
  • Multi Pakman
  • Starhawk II
  • Blob Race
  • The Glass Buttock of Tharg
  • Atari Bingo
  • A Simple Memory Game
  • 3D-Lab
  • Flappy Bird for Atari ST







If you're unfamiliar with SPACE, it's an Atari club called the Saint Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts that have been around since 1982. Very cool group of people, you can check them out online at http://spaceweb.us



If you'd like to get involved with SPACE you can write to:



c/o Gregory Leitner

3407 78th St. E

Inner Grove Heights, MN 55076-3037



The Atari ST DOM Reviews are in newsletter format and can be downloaded as a .PDF file here:

SPACE Newsletter - ST DOM Reviews - January 2015 through May 2015.pdf

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Hi, guys,


I am a member of SPACE. It is a cool group of people. It is one of the last groups left concerning Atari computers and games in North America, although there are a couple of others. For example, there's also SCAT (Suburban Chicago ATarians) and TAF (Toronto Atari Federation). There is another Atari group in Cleveland, OH. I believe it's called SAG. Anyway, SPACE is still soldiering on. Zontar's right. If interested, check us out. Thanks. :)

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