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* SOLD - Sears Intellivision w RGB + cabling for sale! $175 - SOLD *


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This item has now Sold!


For sale is a Mattel 2609 model 1 Intellivision but in Sears clothing. Yes, this has the standard 2609 rom sets in it that I installed about 20 years ago when the Sears unit was first given to me dead. At the time I had a spare standard 2609 Intellivision but liked the Sears look and controllers more. However after actually getting a different legit Sears Super Video Arcade unit nearly a year ago and finally.. FINALLY getting it working. I decided to put this one up for sale.

This is NOT a display piece as it has nicks, scratches, some yellowing on the case, etc. It is for playing games and shows the years and age of love having provided that to previous owners in addition to myself. 


Information on this old SVA:

- Power supply has been recapped and a new 12Ω power resistor installed

- Power ribbon cable was replaced with a new one about a year ago

- Main board is an older revision with the white colored PCB and fully exposed trace layout through the board

- New 3906 transistors installed as originals are prone to failing

- Yannick's v2 RGB installed. (First of this revision I installed actually)

- RGB board has hardware fixes in place for better compatibility with OSSC, Retrotink2x SCART, and Retrotink 5x. Works with cheap SCART to HDMI converter and the Framemeister as well (so I've been told on the FM)

- RF is still fully intact and working as an additional video output or fallback if needed

- 9-pin mini din AV out wired up in Sega Genesis model 2 has been installed


Includes the following:

- SVA console itself (of course)

- 2 working Sears style controllers

- 1 Insurrection Industries Genesis 2 RGB SCART cable (New)

- 1 Original RF output cable (Repaired recently by ITC)


The RGB cable is brand new and being provided so that the new owner doesn't have to worry about finding or having a cable to use it with. It does still require you to have the ability to use SCART for RGB. So either a scaler/converter with SCART input is needed such as the Tink2x SCART like I primarily use for testing RGB consoles as an example.


I've attached a lot of pics of the console but feel free to ask any questions. I've also attached a link showing example RGB video output direct captured from this actual Intellivision sometime back when I was first testing the new Yannick RGB boards. I've already got the console and cables boxed up and ready for its new home and owner. I will be posting this in other groups and like FB as well.

No Games are included with this console.

I'm asking $175 for this SVA shipped in the lower 48 continental United States.






























Here is a video I took from this exact RGB board and SVA sometime back:



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Item has been bought and sold.

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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