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Show Off Your Successful Trades!

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Retron 3 is pretty dang sweet when you have a bunch of games to play for different systems. 


D'OH!  I finally found a game that doesn't work on the retron:  Jammit says "For NTSC Sega Consoles Only". 

I wonder if it would work on the Retro trio. 


Glad you're digging your end of the trade!  I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting on my packages from you and NSG!

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That Double Dragon has one of the nicest labels I've seen, almost no Actiplaque. Just to show you how good it is, check it out compared to my Rampage, which came out at the same time:



And thanks for this nice smattering of Lynx games!!! I look forward to reviewing these. And I really dig the price tag, which I believe was from TRU. I might end up keeping the box just for that!!!


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I have two trades to report: One recent and one very overdue.


First this Dell Laptop:




It's older, but perfect for my needs (writing show note while watching the baby).


Next, something I just recenly got:




AN EMERSON ARCADIA WITH GAMES! (look for reviews at some point in the way future)


:thumb:  :100: THANK YOU RICK!  :100:  :thumb:

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Another great trade with nosweargamer, who is really helping me knock stuff off my "wanted" list!


The boxed Xevious is a prize from NSG's monthly giveaway for Patreon supporters.  Please consider supporting Phil -- his videos are the best and there's a lot of exclusive content and events for supporters:  https://www.patreon.com/NoSwearGamer/posts


Thanks very much!




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