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Show Off Your Successful Trades!

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Sorry for the horrible picture, but my camera batteries were dying!


Package for Omnivision arrived today.   Just my luck, more stuff for the INTV collection courtesy of the NoSwearGamer!


Thanks again!

Snafu is an awesome 2 player game!! Bowling is hard to figure out though.............

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RickR is a prince and a scholar.   Thanks so much for the trade, buddy!


Your package is on its way. 


Oh NICE one, of all the ways I can play a 2600 cart this method still eludes me lol, so cool I gotta get one someday especially considering my only Intellivision is an INTV II anyways lol. That one looks very clean. Funny both Colecovision and Intellivision got expansions to play 2600 but the good old 2600 was never given ability to play Intellivision / Colecovision, yeah I know it was the less powerful console but just funny how that was. If you had an Intellivision and this add-on you would have been doing pretty damn good I think. 

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