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Show Off Your Successful Trades!


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Package from nosweargamer is in!  Speaking of fun with numbers... getting a copy of Secret Quest means one more SARA Superchip game crossed off my list:




Cartridges with the Superchip weigh a fraction of an ounce more than most Atari cartridges -- for example:




And since we're weighing things, why not:



Thanks again!

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From Mr StormSurge.  It came with the manual and everything.  Thank you SS!


Double Dragon has a special place in my memory.  When I was in college, the nearby 7-11 had a DD machine, and my friends and I would go buy slurpees and have a blast on this game.  A great way to blow off steam.


Thanks again.




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Are you serious? You got it to play a game?

I didn't plug it in right away , I did the mod first


all the ports didn't work with 6 different carts but a couple did


now none of them work again ... I suspect the caps but I don't really know what they do, I have a capacitance meter I snagged from a thrift, pulled a cap & it's value was five times higher than what what's printed on side 

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Apologies for the delay in sharing, but I've had a good past couple of weeks trading here.


First & foremost, HUGE thanks to kamakazi20012 for cleaning my baby & installing an AV mod. So far, it works great! The picture is a little dark but apparently that's common. The fix is to run it through a VCR, so I'll give that a shot. It's crystal clear & the sound is fantastic. THANKS!




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Next, big thanks to Rowsdower70 for Galaxian, RickR for Midnight Magic & NoSwearGamer for Secret Quest (& the controller timeline). Hopefully they'll enjoy what I sent them, especially PayPal $$$ in NSG's case.  ;)




I absolutely love my copy of Codename Viper.   Mr. Surge kindly threw in instructions and a really neat funcoland sleeve at no charge!


Sorry I don't have a pic, but you have my thanks!

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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