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Adam Savage's Indiana Jones Bullwhip

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I'm really into movie props, movie trivia, replica prop forum, maker faire, and many other things that pull me squarely into the realm of Adam Savage. I guess you could say we have lots of things in common. Except for the part about having a decade-long successful series on Discovery Channel.


Adam and Jamie are involved in personal projects outside of MythBusters and M5 Industries. Will Smith and Norman Chan formerly of Maximum PC joined Adam and Jamie in the launch of Tested.com. The site says "Tested is for clever people who are curious about the world around them." Very cool!


Their YouTube channel is filled with fun personal projects and "One-Day Builds" from Adam, many times they are replica props from classic movies that we've all come to love and know. One of his builds was an Indiana Jones Bullwhip, which reminded me of Howard Scott Warshaw's "Big Honkin' Bullwhip" that he whipped around the halls of Atari when making Raiders of the Lost Ark for 2600.


If you're into replica props, or just classic movies, Adam's video is really cool and I'm sharing it below:



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