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Squad Challenge - "Ultimate" Asteroids (Atari 2600)


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4 hours ago, RickR said:

The poster of Paul McCartney heartily approves of you destroying rolling stones. 


That’s funny. I was listening to my Beast of Burden single while playing Atari yesterday, and I didn’t even think of the obvious joke.

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13080. I played on OpenEmu & used a 2600 controller.


I tried with the Mac keyboard and didn't score much lower, though old habits are hard to break decades later*.


*I slapped my desk where the Hyperspace button would be located on the cabinet lol. I'd buy one of those special controllers featured in this thread if I played often enough.


This challenge will get another plug on Tuesday's show.

20210820 2600 Asteroids 8A 13080.jpg

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16,490. Little by little. I think I’ll catch up to you guys eventually. 

I have a complicated relationship with this game. I talked about it a lot in one of my blog posts. It’s a game I liked as a kid, but eventually I got too good at it and it became boring to me. This variation is really quite challenging for me and I love that. It’s breathing new life into Asteroids and I’m learning to love this game again. Thanks guys.


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3 hours ago, Marco1019 said:

This challenge will get another plug on Tuesday's show.


3 hours ago, Sabertooth said:

@Justin: Done and done! 🙌🕹️☄️






2 hours ago, HDN said:

I advertised this challenge on Discord! Let’s see if we can crack 100 posts!

@socrates63 watch out!


2 hours ago, Dinobot711 said:


I've missed doing these! @Sabertooth's Instagram post brought me here



2 hours ago, Marco1019 said:

Oh, yeah, I also tweeted this earlier in the week 😉




:pow: WOW THANK YOU GUYS!! :pow:


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YASS finally broke the 40k barrier. I have to admit that I didn't care much for Asteroids in the past. I think it was my disappointment as a kid seeing solid colorful asteroids instead of mimicking of arcade vector graphics (homebrew Space Rocks is awesome in this regard) and having to use a joystick which never felt natural with this game. But 40 years later, I'm having a blast playing it. Just as I re-discovered 2600 Pac-Man and absolutely loved it after hating it for nearly 40 years, I'm really glad that I finally discovered the joy of these games. Add, too, Galaxian--another game I hated on but became a fan of recently through playing the 2600 version.

About the controller, the Starplex doesn't feel quite right but way better than any other controller I have for playing Asteroids. One of these days, I'll have to commission an all-button 2600/7800 controller than fits me. I traded my all-button Retrogameboyz controller with Rick because I got hand cramps from using it. The button spread on the Starplex is a bit wider than the Retrogameboyz one and my hands are not cramping, but it's still not totally comfortable.


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