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Win a Super Twin 78 Twin Arcade Joystick for the 7800

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My friend Ed, from edladdin.com will be giving away an amazing joystick, perfect for Robotron on the 7800 on my show, The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast.


I will announce contest details in Episode 11 which I am putting together tonight.


You can find more details about this impressive stick here:



I'm really hoping a fan of Robtron and the 7800 wins it! 


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Here's a video showing the prize and promoting the contest. 

Don't to forget to enter by this Friday!




Contest: Guess how many points I improved my score in Robotron on the Atari 7800 on the intermediate level from using the standard pro-line controller to the Super Twin 78. Closest eligible guess wins the Super Twin 78!!!
1) One entry per person...
2) For residents of the US and Canada only
3) Guess must be mailed to atari7800podcast@aol.com by July 3rd, 2015 at 11:59pm EST
4) In the case of a tie, the earliest entry wins.

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Awww nuts, I didn't win!  Oh well, thanks for doing that.  Great score by the way, that is awesome!!!


I haven't played Super Huey, but will look for it after your review.  Totally agree with you on Summer Games.  The best version of Summer Games is the original Commodore 64.  I played this version with a bunch of friends back in the 80's, and it was awesome.  None of the other versions really have the same timing and feel as that version.  And playing solo was fun too, because high scores were stored on disk, and you could try to chase those records. 

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