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The biggest CIA-drug money scandal you never read


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This is an incredible read!

"With the release of the new Gary Webb film “Kill The Messenger” and the sudden renewed interest in what goes on in that dark underbelly of the US Empire — drug running, money laundering, death squads, assassinations of lives and of reputations — I’m reminded of the incredible life and death of Nicholas Deak, the CIA’s Cold War banker hailed in Time magazine as “the James Bond of the world of money” until the mid-1980s, when his global finance empire was destroyed by Reagan Administration accusations of large-scale Latin American drug money laundering."




From: Mark Ames of Pando.com

The biggest CIA-drug money scandal you never read

The incredible life and death of Nicholas Deak


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59 minutes ago, Marco1019 said:

I really enjoy reading these kinds of stories. Thanks for the link!

Glad you gave it a read and enjoyed it! Pretty wild stuff!

The crazy thing is I found this link after watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and seeing the Deak-Perera building in the background behind Ferris in the parade float / dancing scene, and wondering whatever happened to them. I had no idea! 

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