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ASC2STFM Arduino Based MicroSD HDD Emulator From Masteries

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This thing is sweet!

The latest firmware has the unit providing a 650KB/s transfer rate. I'm getting 636KB/s with a 4gb class 4 MicroSD, and have some Kingston 16gb HC1 Class10 U1 V10 cards on the way to see if I can get a little more speed out of it. FYI - His latest beta firmware update has speed of 750KB/s, but it's not stable yet.

They run about $50, hand built and shipped from Spain.

I have one for My STe, one for the Mega ST4/ 16mhz, and one for testing systems I'm repairing.

The older TOS's do not like the filesystem, so there was a Peter Putnik disk image developed to compensate for this. You just run Win32diskimager from your PC and burn the image, like the other Image from Peter.

Visit my Youtube channel to hear the STe kick some ass :

Here is the link to the forum with more information : http://www.retrowiki.es/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=200036527&sid=1a823a0d76492cd43f473906aef8645d

STe Tests_1.jpg

STe Tests_2.jpg


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