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YOUR Favorite Classic Arcade Games of All Time (Simple, Medium and High Tech)

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We all had our personal favorite classic video games of all time, so picking one isn't so simple, so lets narrow it down to three based on...

1) Simple, as in low-tech, even black & white with simple graphics.  (Examples: Lunar Lander, Omega Race, Qix, Tempest)

2) Intermediate as in color and decent graphics.  (Examples: Zaxxon, Defender, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, After Burner)

3) High tech as in outstanding graphics, even DVD hybrids.  (Examples: Dragon's Lair, Firefox)

Feel free to include or link photos and videos, because who knows, we may have overlooked something special in our your and a picture it's said can speak a thousand words.


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