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To the authors of: Bosconian (You dirty dogs!)

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Okay, you authors of Bosconian, you guys really take the cake.  I played with this game in the hopes of doing a video, but you know what?  I played with this game, and played with this game, and played with this game.  In the end... I never got around to making the video!  Soooooo, it'll be another week or two because I've spent nearly all my free time playing this freakingly addictive game and I have so much other stuff to catch up with now.  So thanks guys, didn't anyone ever tell you not to make games too good?  Really good games keep people from doing really important things.  I'm just lucky I had the day off!

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1 hour ago, CrossBow said:

I believe the 2600 'brew of this known as Draconian has the same amount of speech on it as well. That is also a true marvel of 2600 programming.


True. It is Draconian for the 2600. I believe Darrell Spice, Jr. programmed it. It might have been Champ Games as well.

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