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It was "ALMOST a complete and utter BUST and I'm not talking boobies here.

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I hope next year's vacation is better, but last year I decided to go to Ocean Shores on my vacation.  Well, being that I was into the TI-99/4A "big-time" back then, I took my "portable system" with me.  The unit you see below is an F18A enhanced console with a FinalGROM 99 in the cartridge port and a sidecar TIPI unit.  The black box sitting to the right of the monitor is a portable UPS.

Since I booked the suite for three days I had planned on visiting the Thai Fusion restaurant, but it was closed due to COVID.  I also wanted to try the Japanese restaurant that also serves Korean faire, but it was closed due to COVID.  Sio I figured I'd try the hotel's restaurant, but it also was closed due to COVID.  I ended up up going to the local Dollar General to buy boxed junk to nuke in the microwave.

So now I had my TI hooked up, but the hotels WiFi sucked and would not connect, so I ended up hotspotting my phone.  In the end I spent about 8 hours on my TI over the three day period.


Now the entire time I was there, the freaking fog never lifted... until after I checked out and was ready to head home.  But I needed SOMETHING to remind me of this over-priced letdown, so I went to the beach with the tripod and camcorder and recorded this...

The video is only 17 minutes long, but it'll probably still put you to sleep if you have insomnia, so check it out!

Question:  I know it's rather large, but has anyone ever taken an Atari 5200 on their vacation?  If so, does anyone make a specialized carrying case for it?  You see, I have an idea for my next vacation once the sun goes down...


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10 hours ago, DegasElite said:

I have never taken an Atari 5200 on vacation, but I took my Lynx one time on one. I have the carrying case for it. It quenched my boredom, that's for sure, playing "Electrocop."

Yes!  A Lynx or a 5200 if gives one enjoyment, why not take one on vacation?  Enjoyment is what vacation is all about... right?   It appears a case for the 5200 is going to be hard to come by.  And well, if I don't have a protective case, it's not going anywhere.

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Even the actual hard shell case for the 5200, I'm not sure it would stay intact as there isn't any padding to really speak of inside the case. I know because I have one. It originally had about a half inch of foam press down on the top of the system when inside the case, but mine has turned to dust over the years so now it is only hard plastic inside and out. But I still have a 4 port unit #3 stored in it all the same.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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