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What is the Neo-Geo UniBios?


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I never fully understood this until now! This short video is a great overview of what the Neo-Geo UniBios is, what it does, and what you would use it for. Helpful for any Neo-Geo players importing Japanese systems or games. I knew it changes the country region but I didn't realize the Japanese Neo-Geo cartridges had English modes already written into them as well.


Neo-Geo Unibos Resources:


The official UNIVERSE BIOS homepage:


Neo Geo UniBIOS v4.0 Free For Personal Use from RetroRGB:

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I've known about it for a while. Even installed an older 3.3 revision of this about 2 years ago into a JPN AES that was sent to me for repair. The 4.0 was available but wasn't publicly released at the time and Razoola wasn't taking orders for the 4.0 at that time either. Since I didn't know when the 4.0 was going to actually be available to the public, I had to resort to 3.3 and send it back to the client that way.

However, I think the only real difference between that older 3.3 an the 4.0 is additional cheats for more games built into it. And all of these allow you to essentially create your own codes if you know them to enter in manually as well as I recall.

But yes, if you want to collect for the Neo, then going with JPN hardware an games is usually the way to go and yes, most if nearly all of the games have English language on them that comes up automatically if the region is set to match.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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